NPA-400T Power Amplifier


Power amplification is a critical component in a sound system. It must be powerful and versatile to transmit sound to the speakers with the highest performance. Power amplifier NPA-400T is designed to meet the high demands of sound. 
There have been many design and technology used for power amplifier circuit, and each has certain advantages. The NPA-400T power amplifier circuit design transplant, Mosfet and used power bipolar transistor, to optimize the linear properties of the circuit. 
Power amplifier using NPA-400T PCB design with silver coated fiber distribution components allow reasonable shortest signal path, reducing parasitic capacitance and resistance wires to get the signal source clean and minimum attenuation. PCB components are measured and carefully inspected before assembly, to ensure stability and consistency. In addition, high-performance power transformers, power supply capacitance than 44.000uF factors combined to avoid interference, make up the supply of energy, clean the NPA-400T to maintain a strong capacity continuously.



Power Consumption: 550 Watts.
Mains Voltage:
AC 110v/120v/220v/230v/240v.
• (Factory set for destination country).

Mains Frequency:
50Hz - 60Hz.
Power Supply Capacitance:
44,000uF total.
Input Impedance:
20kΩ shunted by 100pF.
Input Sensitivity:
1.1v RMS to rated power.
Voltage Gain:
Frequency Response:
15Hz - 35kHz (-1dB).
Signal-to-Noise Ratio:
Total Harmonic Distortion:
0.05% THD.
Output Impedance:

• Stereo mode: 4Ω - 8Ω.
• Bridged mono mode: 8Ω - 16Ω.

Rated Output Power:
(both channels driven).
• Stereo mode: 220w@8Ω - 360w@4Ω.
• Bridged mono mode: 380w@8Ω.

Heat sinks & speed fan.

• Short circuit protect.
• Thermal protect.
• Speaker protect.

Input & Output Connectors:

• One pair unbalanced RCA input.
• Two pairs loudspeaker output with banana-plug sockets.
• 3-pin IEC standard power connector.

EIA Standard.
• Width: 19" (48.3cm) - 20.9” (53cm) Shipping.
• Height: 3.5" (8.9cm) - 6.9” (17.5cm) Shipping.
• Depth: 11.4" (29cm) - 14.2” (36cm) Shipping.

• Net weight: 16.1lbs (7.3kg).
• Shipping weight: 18.3lbs (8.3kg).

Owner’s Manual