NTM-102 Tube KaraOke Preamplifier


The NTM-102 vacuum tube mixer - microphone preamplifiers, is designed for music and karaOke needs. As a control center in the sound system, The NTM-102 is responsible for accurate sound reproduction and fidelity.
Like other products, use of electronic tube before Navison Audio. The NTM-102 using the component parts, quality and precision, in order to maximize the performance of electronic tube. Built on a single frame, but music and karaOke function with independent design and use of electronic switches to interact should have removed unwanted interference noise when listening to music. With the output impedance 100 ohms, the NTM-102 easily compatible with other types of power amplifiers and other signal wires.
Other than to hear a taped music, karaOke require sophisticated coordination, flexibility between background music and singing. To suit various karaOke voice, the NTM-102 balancing technique used for the frequency range and wide-range music for late effects of singing. Tubes with sound quality advantages of simplicity and inspiring, has brought to the NTM-102 a new musical nuances.



Power Consumption: 50 Watts.
Mains Voltage:
AC 110v/120v/220v/230v/240v.
• (Factory set for destination country).

Mains Frequency:
50Hz - 60Hz.
Input Sensitivity / Impedance:

• Mic1 & Mic2: 2.5mV / 600Ω.
• CD-in: 200mV / 30kΩ.
• Music-in: 150mV / 30kΩ.

Tone Control:

• Bass: ±10dB at 100Hz.
• Treble: >10dB at 10kHz.
• Mic1 & Mic2 tone: 70Hz ±10dB & 10kHz ±10dB.

ALC Control:
boost at +10dB (Music-in).
Delay Time:
 20ms - 400ms (±10%).
Frequency Response:
15Hz - 25kHz (-1dB).
Signal-to-Noise Ratio:
Total Harmonic Distortion:
0.08% THD.
Rated Output Level / Impedance:
2v RMS / 100Ω.
Tube Complement:

• 6H3-EB x 2 dual triodes.
• 6H1-EB x 1 dual triodes.

Input & Output Connectors:

• Two pairs unbalanced RCA input.
• Two pairs unbalanced RCA output.
• 3-pin IEC standard power connector.

EIA Standard.
• Width: 19” (48.3cm) - 20.9” (53cm) Shipping.
• Height: 3.5” (8.9cm) - 6.9” (17.5cm) Shipping.
• Depth: 11.4” (29cm) - 14.2” (36cm) Shipping.


• Net Weight: 11.9lbs (5.4kg).
• Shipping Weight: 14.1lbs (6.4kg).

Owner’s Manual