About Us

Navison Audio was established in 2000 by a group of experienced vacuum tube circuit designers. Since then, Navison audio has specialized in designing and manufacturing premiere high-end tube-based audio products such as our SE-MKI preamplifier and NVS-003G monoblock amplifiers. After initially concentrating on the Asian audiophile market with great success, we are now expanding our sales horizon to include the United States. Our goal is to continue creating high performance, high-value audio products thereby bringing the pleasure of ownership to audiophiles all over the world.

We believe that fine audio equipment should match the level of elegance of its surroundings. Our industrial design team at Navison audio integrates rare handcrafted woods with other materials to create a stunning appearance that would please the most discriminating owner and blend with any listening room décor.

Navison Audio combines the finest audio tubes, solid-state technology and innovative engineering to create reference class equipment. All of our products are jointly designed in the United States and manufactured in the Republic of Viet Nam. We use highest quality parts and materials and pay meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship. Navison Audio proudly presents what we believe to be one of the finest audio product lines on the market today.

The company operates under a very stringent set of standards. No detail is too small or unimportant. We maintain strict quality control throughout the entire production process. All key components are carefully selected, tested and matched (where necessary). All sub-assemblies are tested, followed by an 8-10 hour burn-in period. The final product is then assembled and tested, followed by a 100 hour burn-in period. The burned-in units are then retested and remeasured before final packaging.

We are proud of our products and look forward to sharing them with you.