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  • Anthem P2 Two-Channel Power Amplifier

    Anthem's statement multi-channel power amplifiers are called the P series. They come in two versions, a five-channel (P5) and a two-channel (P2). My home theater test lab has a Classé CA-5200 200 watt x 5 amplifier which works great for the majority of applications, but it is driving electrostatic speakers (ESLs), and for a handful of Blu-ray movies, the amplifier will go into protect mode when at high volume, because ESLs typically have a very low impedance (1 ohm) in the high frequency range. So, I figured I just need more power for the front two channels, since they are set at higher volume than the side and rear channels. My center channel speaker is a conventional cone design, so it does not have this problem. I turned to Anthem, and requested their P2 to see if it would solve my problem. It solved my problem, and I think now all the cockroaches that had been hiding in the walls have now left the building.

  • AVM:n Inspiration C8

    Just a superbly sounding music station! Importer Hifi Guru Oy.

  • Oyaide Power Plugs & IEC connectors

    Tremendous quality connectors which deserve also Highendnews recommendations by C-004 experiences. Importer Sound Works Musica. Oy.