NVS-003G OTL Tube Power Amplifier


The Navison audio series of OTL power amplifiers are state-of-the-art. They are truly unique amplification devices that handle musical signals with absolute honesty, beauty, and integrity. The Navison audio OTLs are alone at the top in their tonal and dimensional purity, yet possess an effortless transient quickness that is startling and completely natural. Free of etch, coloration, exaggeration or hype, the Navison OTL amplifiers deliver a musical experience closer to the real thing in every meaningful way.

Eliminating the output transformer with its consequent problems and compromises allows OTL amplifiers to directly couple to the loudspeaker. The direct coupling of the Navison output tube, in this case the incredible 6C33C Russian triode, delivers analog voltage directly to the speaker’s voice coil. The resulting amplifier-speaker relationship is tighter, more responsive. The 6C33C is an unusually robust and musical tube with an output impedance that is uncommonly low. It is the ideal OTL output tube.

The OTL's are available in multiple configurations depending upon your power requirements and budget. Increasing the power output requires increasing the output tube count, which also lowers the output impedance of the amplifier. This means the higher power versions will drive exceeding demanding speaker loads which quite often prefer lower output impedances in an amplifier. Conversely, a simpler less demanding speaker may very well benefit greatly from a lower powered version of the amplifier and higher output impedance.

We would like to introduce the NVS-003G as our entry level OTL amplifier . Elegantly simple in circuitry and structure, the NVS-003G is a mono amplifier capable of floating music of amazing purity and beauty. Ideally matched with reasonably efficient speakers and a modest sized room, the NVS-003G is a truly capable amplifier of great musical veracity. Entry level, in this case, means a world-class component that will provide a lifetime of musical joy.


  • Cardas Gold Rhodium RCA input jacks.
  • Audio Note Rhodium binding posts.
  • Riken Resistors.
  • Auricaps capacitors.
  • Jensen paper in oil capacitors.
  • WBT Solder.
  • Mundorf power capacitors.
  • Nichicon filter capacitors.
  • Special oversize power supply design.
  • Ceramic tube sockets used throughout.
  • Barian kingwood sheathed chassis.


Circuit Type: Triode OTL Circuit.
Power Output: 75 watts into 8 Ohms.
Input Sensitivity: 2.5 Volt for full output.
Input Impedance: 100k Ohms RCA.
Frequency Response: 10Hz - 25kHz.
Voltage Gain: 21dB.
Hum and Noise: -75dB below full output.
AC Power Requirements: AC 115v - 230v @ 50/60Hz.
Power Consumption: Min 250 watts - max 650 watts.
Weight: 61lbs.
Dimensions: 27.17(D) x 14.96(W) x 9.05(H) inches.
Warm-Up Time: 10 Minutes.
Tubes: 1 x 6SN7 (First Stage), 2 x 6SN7 (Second Stage), 4 x 6C33C-CB (Output Stage).
Break-In Time: 100 hours of music playing time.

Every Navison product is patiently and carefully hand assembled, then individually inspected and its performance verified by an experienced audio technician. The owner is protected by our three year limited warranty covering labor and parts except vacuum-tubes. Service is a top priority at Navison audio.

Owner’s Manual