CD-228 Reference Tube CD Player


Culminating from our journey into vacuum tube circuit design Navison Audio engineers set out to design a digital source component that simply got things right. Digital technology has certainly changed the world in many positive ways but music lovers have always been concerned that those magical moments caught in the recording process may get lost in this brave new world of Ones & Zeros.

By combining leading edge digital technology with Navison Audio unique approach to vacuum tube circuit design this player gets to the heart of those special moments when everything in the performance and recording process goes right. The Reference 228 captures the whole of the music performance allowing the listener to hear more then just nuance and really get the true message the artist intended.

Of course we made sure the Reference 228 looks as good as it sounds. Using our signature Barian Kingwood, gold plating and textured black finish this player is the same visual tour de force Navison Audio preamps and amplifiers have become known for. We invite you to discover the magic contained in your CD collection – the Navison natural sound way.


* Pickup Mechanism: Philips CD-Pro2M with custom modification.

* Full-featured vacuum tube compact disc player.

* Fully hand assembled to insure the highest level of craftsmanship.

* Best quality passive components used in critical applications.

* Jensen & Auricap capacitors.

* Mundorf filter capacitors.

* Comfortable infrared remote control is a custom-machined blend of Copper and wood.

* Audio note Tantalum & Riken resistors.

* Cardas Gold rhodium RCA input jacks.

* WBT and Cardas solder.

* Power supply incorporates proprietary transformers.

* Barian Kingwood sheathed chassis.


Tube Complement: 2 x 6922 dual triode.
Output Analog : (Stereo) Single-Ended RCA 1V RMF.
Output Impedance: (Analog) 450 ohms at 1kHz.
Frequency Response: 2Hz - 25kHz (+0 -1dB).
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 110dBA.
Distortion: 007% (1kHz).
Resolution: 24 Bit Delta-Sigma DAC.
Channel Separation: 95dB (1kHz).
Outputs Digital: (to external Digital-to-Analog Converter).
* XLR Balanced AES/EBU110-ohm 4V P-P.
* BNC coax SPDIF 75-ohm 0.7V P-P.

Signal Format:

Sampling Frequency: 44.1kHz.
Quantization Bit: 16bit linear per channel.
Channel bit rate: 4.3218Mb/sec.
Channel modulation code: EFM (8-14 modulation).
Error correction: CIRC (cross interleave Reed Solomon Code).
Drive Mechanism: Top load.

Wow & Flutter: Unmeasurable (Quartz stability).
Discs: Accepts 5" (12cm) and 3" (8cm) sizes.
Jitter Reduction: High-stability crystal-controlled re-clocking for all outputs.

Power Requirements: AC 115v/230v @ 50/60Hz - 30 watts.

* (Factory set by market).

Dimensions: 19.68" (50cm) W x 5.12" (13cm) H x 16.34" (41.5 cm) D.
Weight: 80 lbs. (30.8 kg) Net; 90 lbs. (35.5 kg) Shipping.

Owner’s Manual