NVS-572SE Tube Power Amplifier


The NVS-572SE is a 15 Watts per channel, pure class A triode stereo amplifiers capable of driving a wide range of speakers. Its highly sophisticated design is based on Navison Audio™ is simple rule: only the best components, no compromises on quality.

The SV572-3 vacuum tube used in the NVS-572SE was introduced in 1996 by Svetlana, the world's largest tube manufacturer. It was developed from the 811 series of transmitter tubes, and its excellent linearity makes it particularly suitable for use as an audio power tube.

You can buy amplifiers that sound faster and more detailed than the NVS-572SE. You can also buy amplifiers that will slam bass home with seismic force. And there are amplifiers that offers greater power and dynamic reserves. But the NVS-572SE offer more than a taste of these attributes while portraying music in ways that will draw you in and make high-end audio a truly participatory experience.

The NVS-572SE is one of the finest amplifiers you can buy, and an amplifier that will help audiophiles and non-audiophiles alike understand what high-end audio is about: the ability to be absorbed by the act of listening to music. The NVS-572SE sounds palpable and alive from the treble to the bass, with no coloration or emphasis over the entire region. This imparts a sense of naturalness that few amplifiers can match.


  • Point-to-point hardwired audio circuitry
  • Silk output transformers.
  • Riken resistors
  • Cardas Gold Rhodium RCA input jacks
  • Audio note Rhodium binding posts
  • Jensen capacitors
  • Mundorf capacitors
  • Nichicon filter capacitors
  • WBT solder
  • Barian Kingwood sheathed chassis


Circuit Type:  Single-Ended Class A Triode.
Power Output: 15 Watts.
Input Sensitivity: 2.5v for full output.
Input Impedance: 100k Ohms RCA.
Frequency Response: 15Hz - 20 KHz.
Hum and Noise: -75dB below full output.
Distorsion: 0.7%.
Power Consumption: Approximately 120 watts.
AC Power Requirements: AC 115 - 230v @ 50/60Hz.
Weight: 33lbs.
Dimensions: 23.6(D) x 9.05(W) x 8.86(H) inches.
Tubes: 1 x 6BM8 (first stage & second stage), 1 x 572-3 (output).
Warm-Up Time: 10 Minutes.
Break-In Time: 100 hours of music playing time.

Every Navison product is patiently and carefully hand assembled, then individually inspected and its performance verified by an experienced audio technician. The owner is protected by our three year limited warranty covering labor and parts except vacuum-tubes. Service is a top priority at Navison audio.

Owner’s Manual